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Urine-Off Urine Finder Light

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Customer Reviews for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
Review 1 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
GREAT little light.
Date:October 15, 2013
 fromFort Lauderdale, Florida
I was skeptical about finding the "missed kitty spots" with a small light such as this. I was surprised. It works great to find where kitty decided he should go. Be sure the room is dark to find it all.
Review 2 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent. Nearly as good as an ALS!
Date:June 14, 2013
 fromBloomsburg, PA
Breed:Domestic Shorthair
The product works very well, and for a civilian item, it rivals the effectiveness of a forensic alternative light source (ALS) in relative terms.
It has received mixed reviews for some obvious reasons. This is based on a a scientific principle called fluorescence. Multiple factors affect the quality of the results. First, the active material in urine that will respond to long-wave UV has variable appearance depending on whether it is wet (in solution) or dry. That has nothing to do with the product. It reflects a lack of understanding on owner's part.
You do need to do this in absolute darkness, the fluorescence is NOT visible when daylight or overhead lights of whatever type are on as they dampen the response signature. It's light trying to located a lit candle why staring into a Hollywood spotlight, the candle is dwarfed by 4 or more orders of magnitude of luminosity. The "light" by which you are trying to see is only there by coincidence. UV is invisible, if you had a true UV, you would be seeing nothing. It just happens that photons in the end of the visible spectrum are generated by scattering interactions. If you want more light, buy a 150.00 professional unit, but this is meant for locating stains in small sections at a time, not flooding the area with UV.
False positives? YES! Urine is not the only substance that responds to UV light. That is not the product's fault, it's SCIENCE. By the way, fabrics will fluoresce and appear differently under different forms of radiation (Visible light and UV are both forms of radiation). This is called metamerism. Again, a scientific principle tied to fluorescence. Don't blame a product or call it a failure because you're ignorant.
None of these complaints holds water if you consider the item and scientific principles which you are exploiting by using UV, but that's not a failing of the product. A product that breaks easily, is cheaply manufactured, does not produce UV, etc. would be examples of a product related complain.
I have no tie to this product or whoever makes it, only experience dealing with radiation and forensic chemistry.
Review 3 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Works great on WET urine
Date:April 30, 2013
This product works only on wet urine. But who needs help finding wet urine? Just go barefoot. It's the dry stuff that I was needing help with and this product did nothing to help with that. Maybe someone else will have better luck. The first one I got didn't work at all and had to be replaced.
Review 4 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
I'm ordering my 2nd one.
By:evana white
Date:March 9, 2013
Pet:Multiple Pets
Breed:cat & dog
I've had one of these for the past 6 years. The plastic part to replace the batteries finally broke. I'm ordering a new one. I can find urine (and spraying by cats in my garage) on rugs, floors, cement (garage)......anywhere.
Wouldn't live w/o one.
Review 5 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Urine-Off Urine Finder Light NOT recommended
Date:October 23, 2012
It failed miserably for me. This light does not find urine stains that you do not already know about so it has no useful purpose.
1. The light itself is too weak and you can barely see what your doing because you need it almost pitch dark to see any reflections yet light is not strong enough to see with. The light was not visible with overhead lights on.
2. I shined it right on semi-dry urine spot I could see on basement floor to test it and it was not reflecting at all with overhead lights on or off.
3. In other areas it gave false positives. It picked up light coloured substance or material specs like light/white paint, light coloured plastics.
4. Could not see light at all on patterned/marble coloured surface like tiles.
5. It only reflected urine well on one solid coloured dark surface using very close up but really only because I knew where to look otherwise light would have been too weak to have found it by searching at more than couple inches or more away because of weak light it provides.
Review 6 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
It's like an Easter Egg hunt for stains!
Date:September 20, 2012
Wow, I had no idea how many "oopsies" my dog has made. The light works so good and makes finding the source of odors so easy. And I could actually see the glowing spots fade away as I treated them. Very cool, and now my house smells so much better since I know where to treat the carpet. VERY recommended!
Review 7 for Urine-Off Urine Finder Light
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Best Purchase ever
By:Terry Guereque
Date:January 19, 2012
 fromPhoenix, AZ
Love This product!! Helped me find all the urine spots that I could not otherwise see without the light!!