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HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)

Average Customer Rating:
4 out of 5
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Customer Reviews for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
Review 1 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Works great!
Date:January 31, 2014
My older male (un-neutered) boxer was dribbling. He's now on a maintenance dose of 5 drops 3 times a day and I'm very pleased with the result. Works great!
Review 2 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
didnt work for our dog
Date:September 20, 2013
 frombrunswick, Ohio
Breed:part lab part shepherd
Had our dog on the treats but she didn't like them so we had to break them up in her food, they worked great. Thought we'd try this product because it was drops but that was tedious counting out all those drops(our dog is over90lbs.) Within 2 days she was leaking all over again even worse then before. We gave them about 2 wks. but we were all miserable so got the tablets again and they work like a charm.
Review 3 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great Product
Date:May 19, 2013
Breed:Basset hound
Leaks No More has helped my ten yr old basset hound nap during the day without accidents. it seems like she just sleeps so sound while I'm away that she loses control. She was experiencing incontinence almost daily before I tried Leaks No More and some Bladder Support tablets. I give them to her in the morning and evening. The accidents have diminished to a couple times a month now. I order several bottles at a time so I don't run out now. Once you've ruled out bladder or urinary tract infections that require antibiotics, Leaks No More is a great supplement to try.
Review 4 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Still Going Strong!
Date:May 9, 2013
Pet:Multiple Pets
Leaks No More, has done the trick. My boy eats it right up on his dry food.
Review 5 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Works Like A Charm!!
Date:December 17, 2012
It only takes three days of dosing to last for 3 months! Great product! Only wish they made something similar for humans. Natural, fast-acting, no side effects.
Review 6 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Doesn't work
Date:November 6, 2012
My 15 year old lab mix has started leaking and I ordered this product. Didn't work at all.
Review 7 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
By:Maddees Mom
Date:November 6, 2012
 fromUpland, CA
Seems to work great. I also put my dog on a Bladder Control pill to help as well. Knock on wood, no problems!!!! And it must taste great b/c she has no problem taking it. I just put 5 drops on a tiny piece of cracker 3 times a day and she eats it up.
Review 8 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
0 of 1 found this review helpful.
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 29, 2012
 fromHemet, CA
Breed:Terrior Mix
I had purchased HomeoPet Leaks No More with great expectations, but, was very dissapointed with the results. Didn't seem to help my 14-year-old mixed terrior (male) at all. Also, I feel that the bottle was extremely small, but, that's just my opinion. I have read other reviews from owners who have received great results..maybe it just depends on the animal. I do want to give a 5-star rating to EntirelyPets, though...I have bought several items through them and they consistently deliver not only in a timely manner but, also, the products are packaged perfectly. On the occasion when I've had to call customer service with a question, they have always been extremely professional and helpful. I will continue to buy any product I need through them (I always check their web site first to see if they offer a product I'm in need of, which they usually do).
Review 9 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Not Great had to supplement
Date:July 5, 2012
When my adult female sheperd became incontinent in her sleep my vet prescribed Prolin. After reading about the severe side effects I had to find another way to control it. I first tried Leaks No More drops which only made a small difference and 15 drops 3x a day was difficult and got exspensive quick. I decided to try Vetri-Science Bladder Strength For Dogs in combination with the drops and found the ideal dosage for her. She has had dry mornings for over a week now....so happy! Because she is white she was also staining her fur. I found @ 78lbs, 10 drops & a 1/2 pill twice a day seems to do the trick.
Review 10 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:May 31, 2012
My 10 year old viszla has leaked since she was spayed at 6 months. We had her on mega doses of Proin & DES in order to control it. Expensive and hard on her liver. I started her at 2 doses of 10 drops a day. Within 3 days there was a noticeable improvement. Within a week, she was dry. She is so much happier and so are we! Highly recommended.
Review 11 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
only remedy I found that works
Date:April 9, 2012
Breed:black lab/shepherd mix
Our dog became incontinent about 10 months after being spayed. I spent almost 2 years trying to find a natural option to the hormones and expensive medications the vet had to offer. This is the only product I found that works after trying many many kinds.
Review 12 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Works great,
Date:April 8, 2012
 fromLas Vegas, NV
Breed:Border collie
I have been using this product for my border collie. She has weak bladder. After reading the horrible side effects of the medication the vet gave I found Leaks No More as an alternative. It worked great! I have recommended to others.
Review 13 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Not sure yet
Date:October 17, 2011
 fromPhila, PA
Still using to see if my dogs condition improves
Review 14 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Awesome Product
Date:May 13, 2009
I tried several other products and I even had to work with this a bit. I only have to give it one time a day and it works best with lunch. It keeps my female lab from leaking all day. If I notice she is stressed and starts again, I just add a dose and she is fine.
Review 15 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Leaks No More
By:Max D.
Date:April 29, 2008
I was skeptical at first since this is a homeopathic product, and vets recommend prescription drugs . This stuff works. When my spayed dog was 10, she fully urinated in her speep every night. I was replacing piddle liners and washing bedding every morning and she seemed a bit depressed (or humiliated as J. Vaslev mentions). I read up on the prescription medications and their side-effects and didn't want to go there. Then I found Leaks No More. She's now 12 and she still doesn't leak or spot. After trail and error, I found 10 drops every night with dinner works for her (70 lbs). I'm totally impressed. I've searched the net and EntirelyPets has the best price.
Review 16 for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
2 of 2 found this review helpful.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Leaks No More
By:J. Vaslev
Date:January 22, 2008
I purchased this for my 13 yr old female Malamute mix who developed a problem with incontinence in the past year. It really works! We are both so happy as this was a humiliating problem for her. I started out giving it to her 3 times a day but after a few days have been able to cut down to once a day.